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What is the difference between a flute a clarinet and a recorder?


  1. JEB says:

    Flute can be both bold and shrill or mellow and calm as well as sad. It does well as an accent instrument. As to the similarity to the recorder, a lot of the fingerings are similar. It can be difficult to play because of the air control required. As to a clarinet, it has a warmer sound to all but it’s highest notes. It has a versatility that the flute can’t completely mimic. The flute is great for folk music and band music and is sometimes acceptable in jazz. There are also instances of the flute being used in rock music. The clarinet however can also lead to playing other instruments since it is very similar to the saxophone. Personally, I played flute and a saxophone for over 6 years. I have had experience with the clarinet. Both are very lively instruments and have a great sound and versatility, but it’s up to the player as to what it fits best with. Both are difficult. The best person to figure out which would be best is you. Go to an instrument store and see if they will let you try them out or hear the differences in sounds.

  2. LinkLover says:

    I’ve played clarinet for almost five years,heres what I know:

    Clarinet : Has a "woody" warm feel to it.Plays very beautifully.

    The fingerings are different from a recorder for BOTH instruments.

    Flute : A bit delicate with a pretty sound.

  3. Amber says:

    Well, Clarinets are more like a recorder then a flute because it’s held the same way, so it would be easier for you to learn. Flutes take a lot of air to play them and are high pitched but clarinets are more deep sounding. Neither of them are hard to learn but the first few times you play you’ll feel light headed.

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