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How can I make a mini mummy coffin out of clay?


  1. Mike1942f says:

    Coffins are basically thin walled boxes although Egyptian sarcophagus are thicker walled being stone – can we assume you want the fancy inner coffin and not the protective stone box?.
    Slab construction in clay is not hard, the main problem being that making a box to hold a Barbie doll is a rather large first project.
    Does it have to be clay?
    If not, consider using foam board which is white foam with white paper on either side. It is light weight and strong and comes in various thicknesses so it can be made to look proper. It can be easily cut or cut part way through and folded and can be glued with white glue and held in position with tape.
    The white surface does not match the originals, so you would have to paint it or otherwise color it.
    If it has to be clay, then life gets more interesting. Because all clay shrinks on drying or baking, you would have to make the box "oversized" by 10-15% – doing a shrink test on your chosen clay would let you know what to do for sizing
    I would use polymer clay because the result is stronger and more permanent for the effort put in but it would cost more. And I am used to using it.
    A problem with using air dry, cold porcelain, or polymer clay in medium scale slab building of an object is that the clay does not dry=firm up if you wait a short period, like pottery clay does, so to build a foot long 3" wide box (and matching lid?) you will have to probably place the slabs on thin cardboard supports to raise them in position for blending at the margins and then tape the cardboard to hold while drying the air dry or baking the polymer

  2. Diane B. says:

    Do want a "coffin" (like you’d often see on Halloween, made from wood, with a hinged or removable lid, and with 6 sides–or "caskets" have 4 sides and are rectangular…or modern ones can be fancier)?
    Or do you want an Egyptian "sarcophagus" (much larger, stone, domed removable lid, often embellished with carving and/or a representation of the person on top, with one or more coffins inside, etc)?
    various kinds of coffin:
    various kinds of of sarcophagus:

    And what kind of "clay" do you have in mind? Some clays would require support inside the clay (armature) or fairly thick slabs to create a hollow box shape that large (I wouldn’t call this size "mini" since there are miniature casket models much smaller…perhaps just "small".)

    Why don’t you be more specific on size, type of clay, type of "coffin," etc, you’re thinking of to get more specific suggestions, or perhaps you can find what you want in some of these links:


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