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How would you describe a person waking up after a bad dream for my book?


  1. Jacob Stinson says:

    sweating feeling sick to your stomach scared

  2. Lindsay Sowersby says:

    I woke up in bed, sweaty and shaky. I reached to my beside lamp to turn it on, my fingers fumbled awhile before the finally found the switch.

    Just a start, but I hope it’ll help.

  3. Holly says:

    She jerked as the knife plunged nearer, and suddenly she was sitting up in the dark and the quiet, her heart hammering, cold sweat beading on her skin.
    "Just a dream," she breathed shakily reaching out with a trembling hand to turn on a light. The soft glow of it comforted her. "It’s not real. Just a dream."

    That’s what I can whip up in 2 minutes, I hope it was some help! Good luck! :)

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